How to Have a Super Luxurious New Year’s Night In

Get excited: Silk pajamas are involved.

Can you believe that it’s almost time to ring in 2015?! If you’re still scrambling to figure out your New Year’s Eve plans, I have the perfect idea for you: Stay home!

Now, before you decide that I’m out to to ruin your fun, hear me out. Sure, you could spend your night in a dirty, crowded bar where you can barely hear yourself think…or you could create a cozy and luxe evening in with the person you care about. As much as my husband, Todd, and I love a night out on the town, we’ve found that a romantic evening at home can make for just as special of a memory.

Keep these few pointers in mind, and, with a little effort, it’s way easier to create one than you think! All you need to do is…

Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

1. Dress the Part
This is a lavish night of lounging, so leave the sequin dress in the closet just this once and bust out the silk pajama set instead. You can still glam it up with some fancy hair and jewelry, but PJs are a must. Extra points for matching silk robes!

Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

2. Create Your Lounge Area
Throw a few furry blankets on the floor, add lots of pillows and a pouf or two, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a relaxing space. For an extra festive touch, you can hang a sign or a garland that commemorates the NYE occasion. I believe holiday décor should always involve some sequins.

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Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

3. Set the Mood
The fireplace is my favorite spot in the house, so it’s a no-brainer spot for our glitzy night in. If you don’t have a fireplace, no worries! You can actually purchase DVDs of crackling fireplaces to play on your TV instead (or queue up one of the options on Netflix). My husband and I used to do that all the time before we had a fireplace, and while it sounds a little corny, it actually does the trick!

Make sure you have a good playlist set up to accompany your romantic night. I usually choose a Dave Brubeck Pandora station when I want a classy jazz trio feel. Utilize the seasonal décor that’s still standing, and leave on your twinkling tree. Holiday lights always feel romantic, and they give off a similar effect to candlelight to make you look extra nice (i.e., they’re an IRL filter).

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Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

4. Keep Refreshments Easy
Since this is supposed to be a relaxing night at home, choose items that don’t need a lot of preparation or tending. A simple cheese plate and chocolate will hit the spot without tying you to the kitchen. And while you could mix lots of complicated cocktails, a classic bottle of champagne is an NYE staple. Simple, yet elegant.

Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman

What’s that? You take back all the things you said about how staying in sounded too boring? I accept your apology, but just this once. Hopefully you now realize that while a night on the town certainly has its place, a peaceful, luxurious evening in has a whole lot going for it. Now, who needs more champagne? Cheers!

Laura Gummerman is the crazy cat lady who pens The Band Wife Blog and is a staff writer for A Beautiful Mess. She resides in Springfield, Missouri, with her musician husband Todd and plays mamma to two kitties in between Netflix binges. She is currently waiting for her next pizza fix (which she hopes will be soon).

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