Can you hear your shoe whispering about you?

What is shoe to a woman? It is something beyond than an accessories. Yes, it is one of the best accessories a woman can ever have. And this accessory speaks a lot about your personality. A woman gets a wide variety of shoes; from flip flops to high heels, from sneakers to Loafers and the list just continues. All these types of shoes say a lot about you. Did you ever hear what it says about you? Come here, ssh, listen…

Lets start with flip flops. Just seeing them don’t you feel they are humble in nature. They say that you just came from a pool side or a beach. Flip flop also say that you are poor college going kid but it also says that you are not high maintenance. The best thing about flip flops is that they come in wide variety of vibrant colors.

Sandals will be your another companion for the summer besides flip flop. Sandals and flip flops are like brothers from another mother. Stiletto heel are nowhere near the flip flop and sandals. Stiletto heels give out the message that you are strong and confident. And it certainly gives a clear cut message that you do not care what people think of you. Yes they can give you the worst shoe bite and in between can give you a little oops and ouch actions but still we girls love them.

Another type of heel is the kitten heel. Kitten heels are like stiletto heels only shorter than stiletto ones. Just like stiletto they also ooze out confidence and does not make you look taller than your boyfriend. Get equal to your boyfriend with heels! Sneakers are not every girls favorite but they are the most comfortable of all the shoes in the world. Sneakers does not mean that you are low maintenance or something it rather says that you care a damn about the world. They give you a nice junkie look and they go superbly nice with anything.

Bellies is another thing girls love. They are stylish, comfortable and extremely cute. They go on anything. Accept the fact that it is impossible to wear high heels everyday to work. But bellies, can be worn any time. They could be worn for a formal meeting, for a date, for party or for a grand occasion.