Inventive ways to store your piece of jewelery

Is there no room left for your jewelery in the closet? Or your jewelery is getting tangled? Here is a nice innovative way to avoid all these problems. Handling jewelery could be a big task. If one earring is on the desk the other is some place else which you cannot remember. Try out these ways and your piece of jewelery will be in place.

Do you have ice cube tray? Ever thought of turning it into your jewelery box? If not then try out. See, as it is many of use have a refrigerators with an ice maker so make a good use of the ice cube tray. If you don’t have one, buy it. It will hardly cost you a dollar. Turn the ice cube tray into your jewelery box. Place the tray in your drawer and you can easily store earrings, nose rings, toe rings, pins and rings in it.

A stand up paper towel holder can also be of a good use. You can use it to store bracelets or bangles. Just make the holder stand on the table and pour in your bangles and bracelets. This way you can openly display your jewelery. And the colorful bangles and bracelets look beautiful hanging on by the paper towel holder.

Tea cup is used for drinking tea, but imagine it as your jewelery box. All you have to do is hang your earrings around the cup’s rim. While the earrings are hanging on the outside, you can store pins or any other jewelery in the cup. Not many of the earrings can hang from the rim of a tea cup, but the long ones can.

Just like a paper towel holder, a bath towel rack can also store a lot of jewelery. In fact it is best for hanging long jewelery like belts, anklets and necklace. The bath towel rack will neatly display your jewelery and save your time in finding the right one when in time of hurry. Next time when you are done partying, do not throw away the wine bottles. You can use it as a jewelery stand just like a paper towel holder or bath towel rack.