Make some space for animal inspired jewelery

The whole jewelery world has seen a drastic change, right from pearls to diamonds. And currently, the fashion market is stocked with the animal inspired jewelery. So you should make some room in your closet for the new adorable colorful animal inspired jewelery. The best part of the animal inspired jewelery is that they can go for any occasion and they come in tons of variety. Right from neck piece to anklets, they are here in the market for you.

A ear cuff is must. Ear cuffs simply look elegant and classy. An ear cuff of animal inspired jewelery will look simply great on a wide brimmed hat. And if you have a maxi skirt, then getting a ear cuff is a must. You will get animal inspired jewelery ear cuff like a peacock feather or some beautiful carving on the elephant tusk.

The new playboy logo like bunny earring is beautiful. You will get a wide variety of colors that it will be difficult for you to pick one. However, the cutest of all would be the kitten studs. The kitten studs are made of glass and have the adorable kittens picture on the glass stud. They are delicate and shine like a diamond.

If you want to look funky or pretty much colorful, a parrot pendent is a must then. Just try wearing the colorful pendent with a simple white or black top or shirt. You will not be needing any more accessories to look good in plain white clothes. The pendent brings out the best style in you.

Try the metallic elephant bangle. They are extremely delicate yet superbly classy. Wear it on any outfit and that one bangle will show your chic sense of style. The metallic bangle comes in beautiful colors like bronze, silver and golden. And it has these beautiful carvings on it. So if you have to gift your sister or best friend, this is a perfect gift.

Just like the parrot pendent, a cat pendent is very trendy. If you are a cat lover, you have to buy it! The pendent it loosely strung with a thin silver chain. So it is delicate but it looks extremely cute. When it comes to girls, butterfly jewelery is something every girl should have. A butterfly earring goes on any outfit. They are extremely cool and trendy. Any color butterfly jewelery will compliment with your hair and skin color.

A superbly classic watch that you should have is the humming bird watch. The bird is beautiful seated at the center of the dial. The color of the bird totally goes with the leather band. And lastly, a classic necklace for the right occasion is the snake necklace. The snake necklace is beautiful thin and has that glossy yet metallic snake like appearance. There, you have the list of animal inspired jewelery. Which one are you planning on taking?