Name the types of Handbags?

Choosing the right outfit with the right accessories is a big problem and sometimes it becomes difficult to decide that which combination is the best. It is necessary to carry a matching handbag along with the outfit is quite a task as the person needs to decide which handbag is best suitable for which occasion and with the matching dress. So very firstly it is important to know that how many types of handbags are available in the market the make choice among then and carry the most suitable among them for the occasion. With different occasions it is important to carry different types of handbags as handbags are one of the style statements which say that how stylish the person is? Today variety of handbags are available in the market and online as well so one could decide that from which medium they wants to purchase the handbag that compliments their outfit and occasion as well. These are the types of handbags as follows:-

  • Baguette:- It is a small cylindrical handbag with chain, cord and thin shoulder straps and it comes in colors that are formal enough for any evening party or occasion. In fact it could be carried for the day events as well because it gives the youthful look to the outfits.
  • Hobo bags:- It comes from medium to large sack-shaped that has a wide shoulder strap. These bags are casual styles that are not appropriate for formal, semi-formal or business events but it has large capacity and comfortable then baguettes and clutches.
  • Messenger:- These types of bags come usually in rectangular shape and are typically made for laptops and book that gives casual look to the students while carrying it. The distinguish feature about these bags is that it has a side strip that crosses from shoulder to the opposite hip. It resembles, laptop bags, briefcases that are designed for business purpose and are unisex.
  • Satchel:- It is a shoulder or backpack bag which has a flap that covers the opening of the bag in fact it also has buckles to close the bag. These handbags are casual and fashionable as well.
  • Shoulder Bags:- These bags are made to be worn on shoulder and come in hundreds of designs. These bags look formal in neutral and glossy vinyl or dark colors in leather in fact shoulder bags comes usually in lighter color and small size gives more formal look to the bag.

These are the types of handbags which come in different size, color, shape and look. All the bags differ from each other and are made for different occasions so the person going to carry these bags must understand that fact that which type of handbags are bets suitable for a particular occasion or event. In fact they give style statement also and make the person more attractive or noticeable in the party which gives an attention seeking power to the person carrying it so make the best possible use of these bags as per your outfit and look or carry the best one among them.