The world of handbags

Style is eternal”, these are the words of Yves Saint Laurent. What better way to add a dash of fashion and style in your attire than carry the handbag? Handbags are available in many different forms. So, here are the lists of popular handbags forms carried by women all over the world.

The Satchel
This form of handbag has a long strap as well as popularly worn across one shoulder. This bag goes well with the western attire. This kind of handbag is perfect for the picnics and also perfect for the students.

The Clutch
The clutch handbag is very popular and it is a handheld purse. Clutch handbag is strictly for formal wear. Clutch handbag can be teamed up with the Indian attire and also with the western attire. In my opinion, clutch handbag is perfect for the saree. The combination of the clutch handbag and sari is outstanding.

Beach bags
Beach bags are very colorful large bags usually made of straw, cloth and other such materials. Beach bags are ideals for the picnics, for the beach party and even for the gym also. Some of the high end bags have a plastic lining inside that always protects the bag form the moisture. Beach bags are generally sold on the roadside and are very colorful. Beach bag can go well with the western attire.

The Shoulder Strap bag
This is probably one of the most popular and common form of handbag carried by women today. Variety of shapes as well as size is available for this form of handbag. Shoulder strap bag consists of one o two straps that go over the shoulder. Versatility is the key feature of this bag. This bag can be teamed up with all the semi formal as well as casual wear. The oversized shoulder strap bag teamed with skinny jeans always adds a touch of class.

The Hobo bag
This type of bag is a half moon shaped with a shoulder strap off medium length. Soft materials are used in the making of hobo bags. Hobo bag go well with the “boho chic “look attire. Casual kurtas and hobo bag is a perfect combination. Hobo bag can also be carried with long skirts and casual pants.

The Tote
This type of bag are oversized and made of soft materials. Tote bag is ideals for grocery shopping, travelling, and picnic and also for other purpose. Tote bag is quite popular and widely used by the women.

Do’s and Don’ts of Bags

  • Some fun adventures insist that bags and shows should not be matched, while some fashion gurus insist vice versa. There is no rule like any other fashion trend. But always make sure that bags and shoes go with each other makes a difference.
  • Never mix prints. Printed handbag goes well with solid colored outfit. Printed attire plus printed handbag spoil the beauty of both.
  • In case you are wearing naturally colored dyed attire, be cautious and careful in the selection of the handbag.
  • Always try to keep the handbag inside a cupboard. If you keep them outside, it attracts dust that results in fading.