How to Pull Off the Visible Bra Look

What’s the use in hiding that cute plaid push-up?

Not since Flashdance has it been such a hell to the yes to show off your bra. Stars like Beyoncé have been known to pull off this cool, sexy look. But what underthing can share the stage with which tank? A very 2015 matching guide, right here:

1. Pair racerback tops and bras, but vary the shade and strap width. A hit of electric teal makes it look intentional. Peace Love World tank, $55,; Adore Me bra, $40,

2. The plunging back reveals the bra’s animal print. Ooh la la—in a chic way. Alternative tank, $54,; Jessica Simpson Collection bra, $36,

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3. Flash a neon bandeau under large armholes and you’re making good on this muscle tee’s message. Luciana tank, $29,; Old Navy bandeau, $12.94,

4. Sexiness x 2. The scallops of this balconet flutter just above an ultralow neckline. Dream tank, $98,; Cosabella bra, $73.50,

5. Throw a sheer netted number over a sports bra for a look that exudes cool. Theory top, $245,; Hanes bra, $7,

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For more summer style tips, pick up the July/August issue of Women’s Health, on newsstands now.


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5 Ways to Look Instantly Taller Without Wearing Heels

Your feet will adore these.

Want to give the illusion of height, but don’t want to deal with painful high heels? Try one of these easy style tips to instantly (and comfortably!) elongate your silhouette.

1. Go High-Waisted
Whether a pencil skirt or shorts, this silhouette tricks the eye by elongating your lower body. Show off the waist with a crop top or tucked-in tailored blouse.

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2. Try a Romper
The shorter it is, the longer your legs will look (and you, so statuesque).

3. Flash Some Skin
Exposing as much of your foot as you can in sandals—especially in nude, light, or metallic hues—has a lengthening effect at the ankles. Just ask Barbie.

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4. Dress Monochromatic
Head-to-toe outfits in a single shade create a tall vertical line.

5. Cut Your Hair
Superlong strands can drag you down in an old-sea-hag way, while bobs and pixies turn you all lithe sea nymph, highlighting your neck and shoulders, which brings the eye up.

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For more summer style tips, pick up the July/August issue of Women’s Health, on newsstands now.


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