Could an ear bud be a makeup tool?

We all know the uses of an ear bud? Right for cleaning ears. But didn’t you know that you should not put anything in the ear, huh? Now what will you do of the all the ear buds in your house? Throw them away? No way! Why not use them for doing makeup? Don’t make faces! There is nothing gross about it. Just read along and then decide whether an ear bud be a makeup tool or not?

For starter try this- spray a little of perfume on the ear bud and use it anytime of the day. All you have to do is use that perfume-sprayed-ear-bud and rub it lightly on the wrist or lower neck. This way you do not have to carry big perfume bottles with you in your tiny little clutches. Also dip the ear bud in the right eye shadow. And now this could be used as a touch up the visible roots of hair color that is growing out.

Now try this trick at home. Many a times, the manicure on the hand goes wrong. Also sometimes the nail art straight line goes slanting, in such a case dip the ear bud in acetone and there your slanting lines gets straight. Don’t believe so? Try it! Applying mascara is never easy. The mascara can go wrong many a times. In such a case what you can do is put some of makeup remover on the cotton ear bud and apply it where the mascara has gone wrong. And that is how the mascara accident is saved by an ear bud. It works like a magic eraser just like in photoshop software.

Want that smoky eye effect just like Angelina Jolie? Here is how to do it without any fancy makeup kit or brushes. Firstly, apply some eye makeup with the help of an ear bud. Then keep on adding all the strands till it looks like a candy floss and then bend it and use! Those zitty spots on the skin are a curse. Want to get rid of them? Here is how- just dunk the ear bud in astringent. If no astringent, then use hot water. Once you dip it in, gently push from either sides of the spot. Do not use nails! They leave permanent marks.