How to choose the right red lipstick shade

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For all those who think that getting a red lipstick shade is easy, well, here is the reality folks! It ain’t that easy. The moment you discover the shades of red lipstick, you will be bamboozled over which shade of red lipstick will suit you well. Here is a fun trick when it comes to red lipstick- it is never about the color but, how bright or intense it is. Like it is never about orange-red, blue-red, or true red, but how bright that color is against the skin. Orange reds tend to be brighter as orange is an eye catching color.

If you have fair skin, orange-reds are going to pop quite a bit more as brighter colors are more noticeable on paler skin. This doesn’t mean if you have pale skin, you can’t make it work- it just means, it’s going to pop more. Darker skin beauties have an easier time pulling off the orange-reds since dark skin can handle brighter colors there’s less of a contrast. But, darker skin also looks beautiful in blue reds- it just doesn’t pop as much as the orange reds.

Did you know that things such as hair and eye color can also affect how a lipstick looks, plus what eye makeup you wear can throw off the color as well. For testing any shade of lipstick it is necessary that you take off your makeup completely. Then wash your face and examine over the skin tone of your face. Determine whether you are pale, olive skinned, tan, dark-skinned, yellow, or a combination of any of these. This should be fairly obvious. Once you know your skin tone, you can start finding your perfect red lipstick. If you are very pale, bold red lipstick is not what you want. Find shades that are more a mixture of coral-red or orange-red or peach-red. Don’t overdo it. If you have darker skin you can get away with more obvious red lipstick. Dark shades are best reserved for people with dark hair as the shades will complement each other. Olive skinned people should go for brighter reds – maybe even a fluoro shade! Dull or “matte” red, or purplish-reds, will not suit. Asian complexions will work best with red lipsticks that have a blue or purplish undertone