How to get a smart casual look

People generally associate casual wear with something that is comfortable and relaxing but not stylish. This belief or this thinking is not correct. The term ‘smart casual’ does not hold any relevance for them. But, there is a huge difference between the two. Smart casual attire is modish and looking more when put together that a casual attire. The aim of a smart causal outfit is to give you a trendy, stylish as well as a chic look. So, here mentioned some hot and happening tips that will always help you put together a smart casual look with great ease.

  • Do not wear tight pencil skirts as they are perfect for the formal look that a smart casual look. If you are going for trendy dresses and stylish skirts then pay complete attention to the length of the dress or skirt, always make sure the length of the dress or skirt hits somewhere between the range of somewhat below or above the knees.
  • For a smart causal look, go for a well tailored dress pants with minimal detailing along with a blouse or a top. Tailored dress pants with blouse or top is a perfect combination and gives you a chic and smart casual look. For ladies, smart causal look means to show off their personality, so always accessorize your smart casual look with the trendy and classy jewelry piece.
  • For a smart casual look, jackets too play an important part.opt for a suede jacket or a leather jacket instead of their denim counterpart. Pair your leather jacket with wash jeans. This will give you a polished yet smart look. You can also a fine woolen scarf or cashmere. Go for comfortable boots along with a textured handbag. Also go for light make up, as it completes your look.
  • Go for straight cut jeans in dark colors like indigo, charcoal, grey, black dark blue, those have no tears, patchwork, sequins, embroidery to make them perfect for casual look. Team up jeans with three quarter, ruffled or nautical inspired skirts or tops. Trouser cut denim styles are another ideal options for the smart casual look. Go for clutch handbag and peep toe heels for a chic and smart casual look.
  • Accessories play an important role in enhancing the look. Accessories are very powerful. You can get smart and causal look by accessorize yourself with a classic and sober accessory. For the smart causal look, go for beads over pearls. This will give you a chic look. A fine knit scarf over a silk or a sheen scarf to rock this look.
  • Footwear too plays an important role. Right selection of footwear is must for the complete look. Fancy flats are smart options, but flats do not stand when they compared t heels. A pair of square toe high boots or pointy boots wedges with minimal detailing and a peep to pump in a neutral color must have a place in your cupboard collection, if you want to have a smart, chic and a causal look.

So, these are some tips. Hope these tips will help you get the smart casual look.