Most important fashion rules of all time you should break

Looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare and what to keep under wraps. Otherwise, where’s the mystery? Just like there are some important fashion rules that every girl should follow. Not following these fashion rule will only get you in trouble. But there are some fashion rules that needs to be broken. It is time that we get through them. Read and revise how you perceive fashion and go look great.

1.No white after Labor Day: White is amazing any time of the year. White shoes, white jeans, white dress, just everything white. It is that color which gives you that perfect look. White being a clean color, it makes you look fresh and clean. So it is this color that pulls together everything.

2.No white at someone’s wedding: It is obvious that you should not wear a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding. But there is no rule book that says that you should not wear white to someone else’s wedding. You’re not going to steal focus or upstage the bride simply by wearing a certain color.

3.Do not show off your bra: An errant nude bra strap falling down over a bare shoulder is one thing, but with all the beautiful bras out there, it would be a shame not to show them off once in a while. Just make sure to frame it in a way that feels intentional. Layer a long-line bra under a sheer top or unbutton a sweater to show off the middle of a pretty lace demi-cup bra. You can even try wearing a strapped bra with a strapless dress.

4.Wear a belt, if shirt is tucked in: Many of us love belts. But there are certain outfits that do not go well with a belt on. This is the kind of rule people apply to dressing for the office more than dressing for themselves, but even in a professional environment there is nothing inappropriate about going without a belt. Just make sure your pants fit properly. That is more important.

5.Legs or cleavage, but never both: Never show both, legs and cleavage. It gives out the message of desperation, slutty and wannabe. Either, legs or cleavage, is good. As mentioned earlier, looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare and what to keep under wraps.

6.Sparkle is just for the evening: Sparkle is anytime okay. Well that also depends on what pattern of dress or top you would be wearing.

7.No heels for tall women: Accept that it is a myth! Heels look amazing on tall women. Wear the highest ones you can manage. You’ll be the most captivating person in the room. Guaranteed!

8.No long dress for short women: Now here is the fact! Long dresses makes short women look more taller, especially when they drape nicely and skim the body.

9.No wearing socks with open toed shoes: You shouldn’t pair Gold Toe tube socks with open-toe pumps, but socks are a great way to keep wearing your warm weather shoes when it’s cold out. In fact, the bolder the pairing, the better. Just try to keep those front toe seams hidden.

10.You should dress for your body type: Nope Nope. Nope. You should wear things you like and that fit you. Your body is not a problem that needs to be solved through strategic dressing.