Tips to get radiant skin in shower

fruits on skin
Remember the beautiful glowing skin that we see on those skinny models when they get out of the bath tub? Bet, you must have been wondering how do they have it? But did you ever end up thinking of getting the same effect on your body? Here is your golden chance of getting that beautiful radiant skin that to with your daily routine. And FYI, if you have an oily skin, then you are in luck! Here are the tips to get that glow radiant skin that too through a simple daily shower.

The very first step is to get in shower. Soak yourself in the shower water. Then put some soap on your loofah and start scrubbing your arms, shoulders and neck in a circular motion. You can press as hard or as light as you want. This step can also be done on your legs. Once done with the scrubbing then risen. After this, get a back scrubber. Put the same soap on you back and start scrubbing. Once you are done scrubbing, risen it with water. Next, get your flat circular loofah and put your favorite face wash on it. Start washing your face with warm water and see to it that it is in circular motion. Scrub a little harder but gently on your nose and forehead spots. You can also very lightly scrub your eyelids if you wear eye make-up. Wash as long as you want, then rinse with warm water.

To tighten up your pores, risen your face and again with cold water. Once you have risen off the soap with water, get out of the shower. Dry off your face. Do not rub your face in the towel, rather just pat your face. Once done with face, dry off your remaining body. Feel free to put some lotion on your arms and legs! If you’re using a face-washing system, it’s a good idea that you continue on with the out-of-shower steps. Let this soak in for about ten minutes before continuing.

Always scrub as long as you can handle. Scrubbing until your skin is raw will not make it glow but only damage it. Washing and rinsing everything with warm water can open your pores so the cleaner can get in deeper. Be sure to rinse with cold water afterward to tighten your pores back up. Remember to wash your face after you rinse out the conditioner completely because conditioner can clog pores if not rinsed well.