Traditional uses of rose for beauty

Rose is the symbol of love. And this flower is also known as the beauty remedy. The ancient people are known to have bathed in rose water for having a beautiful skin. Uses of rose is since the primitive times. Today also we get many chemical rose based products like rose water, rose cream and so on. Rose is extremely good for the skin. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated and fresh. Here are a few list of benefits of rose.

If you have an itchy scalp, risen it with some rose water. Rose possesses some anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. These two properties then further help in reducing the dryness and flaky scalp. Did you know that rose water also helps in promoting hair growth? It increases the circulation in the scalp that then increases the nourishments which helps in hair growth.

Rose is also good for clearing acne. See to it that the acne creams that you use contains rose water or rose oil. The rose oil contains some natural antibacterial cleansing properties. The rose oil or rose water helps in making the skin look fresh. Also it balances the pH levels and thus keeps the skin free from blemishes. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose helps in getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. This anti-inflammatory property acts like an astringent when applied on the face. And for those who love the fragrance of rose, use a rose perfume.

Here is the trick to make a homemade rose water body spray:

3 cups of distilled water
½ cup of organic vodka
½ cup of organic rose petal (make sure that the roses are fresh)
a glass spray bottle

Pluck the petals out of the stem. Take a bowl. Add some vodka and then add the plucked rose petals. Let this stay for a day. Now take a wooden spoon and with that smash those petals. Then add the distilled water to the mashed petals. Now let this mixture stay for a week. Everyday, mash a little and mix a little the mixture. After a week, with the help of a strainer, throw out the liquid in the glass spray bottle. There, you are ready with royal rose scented body spray. In order to keep the freshness of the solution, keep it in a refrigerator.