What to wear for summer internships?

Every intern goes through the million dollar question- what to wear for summer internships? If you are working in a creative field like fashion, art, or media, where your personal style is often seen as an expression of your professional taste, or if you work in a job where you are expected to represent your boss or your company outside the work place, how you dress and how you present yourself really matter. How to dress rule keeps on changing from office to office. Many a times what happens is that what you may find stylish, the other person may not find stylish. Kill the question- what to wear for summer internship. So here are some quick and easy tips that you can follow during your internship period.

The important thing is that you look clean and put together and project an air of confidence and competence. Many interns feel that wearing shorts is okay during internship. Well, thats not the case everywhere. One should first check with the human resource department. Also it would be wise to hold off on the shorts until you’ve got a feel for the style culture of your particular office. Never use ‘what other intern is wearing’ theory. Just like you do not know much around so do they don’t know. Just in case if your company is okay with shorts, look for tailored styles that are fitted without being skin-tight. Also avoid denim and stay away from anything with rips, frays, or distressing. Shorts are more casual than pants and skirts, so it’s a good idea to dress them up with more conservative work wear staples like blazers, collared shirts, or other structured, long-sleeve tops.

If you’re interning or freelancing, and hoping to turn that temporary job into something permanent, replicating the style of the people around you can be a great way of getting them to see you as part of the group. Start blending in the crowd. As long as your outfit does not cause a distraction, you are good to go. Start off slowly by injecting a little color or texture into outfits you already know work and then push your look bit by bit until you find a balance that works for you and your office.