A closet full of comfy shoes just for you!

Are your feet tired? Are they hurt? Do you need some warmth? Some cosiness? But an extra comfort? You probably need a some comfy shoes for your feet. How about Toms? Yes, Toms for women is available in the market. Here is a list of the best Toms that probably you should get for that extra dose of comfort.
The geometric toms are super comfy. They are bright and available in variety of patterns and sizes. They are simply perfect for any occasion. Usually, geometric shoes are not comfortable but these ones are. So you are in luck.

The Moroccan cutouts, though, might pinch your pocket, but they are totally worth it. Rather you are worth it. The Moroccan cutouts are of Toms. They are not only pretty but very classic in nature. They come in black, pink and blue. You feet can breathe easily because of the delicate artistically cutouts. You feet will be really comfortable in them.

Spaced dyed Toms are another of Toms variety. They come in nice pleasant colors. If you will see its coloring you will feel like it is hand painted by a kid. The coloring is not extraordinary and that is its unique selling point. They are available in pink and grey shades. You can even wear them as your in house shoes.

Anyones favorite could be these rope print Toms. These are the most unique ones in all of the Toms collection. These ones they give you a sailor like feeling. They usually have a pale fabric so they end up getting dirty too soon. But still they look good that way. Or else you can wear them only at grand occasions.

And lastly, a classic pair of Toms. This classic pair is made of canvas. So it is extremely soft on the inside. Though they are meant for a formal occasion, they simply look classic on regular wear also. They come in all formal colors like light yellow, brown, black and so on. Do not hurt your feet anymore. All they need is nice comfy shoes.