Ways to be employee of the month

So last month, your boring right hand side office cubicle neighbor was employee of the month? And last to last month, another boring left hand side office cubicle neighbor was employee of the month? And there, you poor soul are stuck in between. Just wishing on shooting stars to be the next employee of the month. Here are some ways in which you should buckle up and multiply the productivity.

Distraction is one of the many reasons that could be jeopardizing your productivity at work. The social media and internet surfing is the biggest distractions. When you are at work, avoid social media completely. You may start surfing the Wall for a couple of minutes, but then you won’t realize how couple of minutes will turn into an hour.

Some people work efficiently the moment they come to work in the morning. So if you fall into that category, make sure that the biggest tasks of the day are done in the early half of the day. And get on to the not so big tasks post lunch. This will help you in equally dividing the work and help you decide what to prioritize.

Know how much of the work you can handle in a day. Do not take too much of work that you cannot complete on time. This will only create a bad reputation for you. Taking too much of work could mean that you are overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. So do not do such acting. Just focus on your work and trust me, your boss will sooner or later will be impressed with your work.

Make sure that your desk is pretty much organized than having a messy one. A messy desk does not mean that you are working hard or you are super busy or something. Having a messy desk simply means that you will not get things when they are needed. You will end up searching the whole lot to find a pen. And that is a big waste of time. Also a tidy desk will help you in having a good concentration and focus on the work.

And do not forget to take breaks. Just as working is important, taking mini breaks in between is also important. If you have too much of work you will feel like that you should probably get the work done rather than getting a break. On the contrary, you should take a break at such times. The reason for this is that you will feel more fresh and relaxed after the break which will add some productivity to your work.