What are you planning on giving your guests as wedding favors?

One thing that guests love in weddings after open bars? The wedding favor! But the wedding favors are loved when they are not only nice but also useful. Just like the guest gift you something, it is this time that you also give them a return gift. Here is a list of few wedding favors that you should probably have a glance at.

Since it is a wedding, obviously you will be having an open bar. So then you should probably give them a hangover kit. A hangover kit as a wedding favor could be a nice choice. But then the problem is that what will you give your non drinker guests? But even if you want to give this as a wedding favor then place some bottled water or Gatorade and some mints. This will be a nice recovery kit. And the best thing is that they will use it.

If not for a hangover kit, how about something baked? Who doesn’t love baked items. All you have to do is pour in some nicely baked cookies in jar and tie it up with a ribbon. If not a jar, then go for a cake in the box or donut in the box. Another thing that your guests will love. If you are ready to shed a little extra money on the wedding favor, gift your guests coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are used by all. And if your wedding is during the winter time then what can be better than a coffee mug? If you want you can get add some chocolates or scented candles in the mug and get the mug labeled with a nice picture or a message.

A funky wedding favor would be a personalized candy. Who doesn’t love candy? In fact, we all have dreamed once in our lifetime to live in a candy house. Gift them candy with a personalized wrapper. This gift will definitely make your guests happy.