Boost of bitter gourd for health

Bitter gourd is also known as the bitter melon. The green colored veggie may have an ugly appearance, but you will be amazed with its benefits. But before getting on the the facts of bitter gourd for health, here is some fact on the veggie- there are basically two types of bitter gourd; one which grows about 20cm with pale green color. Whereas the other is very small, about less than 10 cm with dark shade of green.

Bitter gourd is known to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. This indirectly reduces your changes of having heart disease. Bitter gourd is also known to keep the blood pressure stable. It is also known to reduce the blood glucose in diabetes. Since ancient times, this melon is used to treat diabetes and today many companies selling health products like health tea, health pills, etc. use this in the products.

Bitter gourd is extremely low in calories. It is also high in nutrients. It is said be rich source of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, manganese and phosphorous. It has two times of calcium than spinach, two times of potassium than a banana and two times of beta carotene than of a broccoli.

Bitter melon stimulates easy digestion and peristalsis of food through the bowel until it is excreted from the body. Thus, helps in relieving indigestion and constipation problems. And a recent study shows that bitter gourd might be an effective formula for treating HIV infections. One of the best ways of making an external use of bitter gourd is that it reduces the rashes which we often get during the heat or through sunlight. For this what you can do is throw in some bitter gourd pieces in a blender. Blend it and extract all the melon’s juice. Then add two spoons of water to it and mix it well. Apply it on the burnt parts and see the result. Try this for 10 days at least. Now try using bitter gourd on the face. The juice will give you a smooth textured skin. And one of the best uses of this juice is that it reduces wrinkles.

And for those who suffer from acne troubles, the antimicrobial and the anti-inflammatory properties of bitter gourd helps in fighting acne. If ever your skin starts to itch, use bitter gourd juice. For ring worms, scabies, psoriases blood boils or any other fungal disease, use bitter gourd. Mix bitter gourd juice, 2 ounces, with some lime juice. Drink it slowly on an empty stomach daily for about 3-6 months. Two teaspoon of bitter gourd juice with two teaspoon of onion juice and one teaspoon of lime juice is the best homemade medicine for cholera.

Bitter gourd is also known to reduce weight. The antioxidant which is present in the bitter melon helps in flushing the system well. It is also known to regulate metabolism.