Loose weight by partying!

Loose-weight-by-partying!-SWho said that you cannot loose weight by partying? Yes it may sound weird at first but it is true. This
doesn’t mean that you start drinking and partying day and night. Read the following paragraphs and you will get all your doubts cleared. It is a simple way for a healthy and sensible way to party.
Get one thing clear about drinks, the concept of one drink differs from drink to drink. Like a can or a pint of beer is bigger than a glass of wine. This happens in case of cocktails as well. Try this experiment; visit a bar and order for a cocktail that you like, then hit another bar and ask for the same cocktail. The portions of alcohol in both the cocktails will differ depending on how much content of alcohol they serve. So in such a case, always go with a smaller ones.

You must have read somewhere that carbs are important, of course to an extend or else they add up the weight meter. If you are skipping breads and buns on weekdays and gulping down tons of beer on weekends, then there is no point in doing so. So probably you should cut back on the beer and switch on vodka or club soda or wine for a change. These drinks are carb free.

The biggest wrongdoer here is the mixers. They have high in sugar and extremely colorful. They may satisfy your taste buds for a while, but end up adding a pound. Just avoid drinking the colorful umbrella ones. Rather drink fresh juice or some on the rocks along with a herbal touch.

When there is a party, it is obvious that there will be too much of pop in mouth junk. The pop in mouth junk is super deep fried in oil with nearly 90% of meat. Of course you will need something to eat while you drink, so why not eat something like salad or dips than pigs in blanket. Because while drinking you may feel nothing, but the moment you wake up sober the next morning you will be filled with guilt. Yet you end up doing so, then simply have a heavy breakfast and light lunch. Take the stairs and ditch the elevator. This will probably ease of some guilt. And the next time you see pigs in blanket you will remember of the number of stairs you took the other day.