Top reasons to drink Green Tea

Tea is normally drink my most of the people regularly but Green tea is also very beneficial in many ways as it contain antioxidant which is important for the health of the human being so if a person drinks it twice or thrice in a day then it shows good result in their health and body both. There are many reasons which justify this fact that Green Tea good for human health and some of these reasons are as follows:-

  • It is supreme fighter of fat as it contains EGCG ingredient which burn the body fat that keeps the person health and reduces extra fat from their body.
  • It mainly targets belly fat this has seen in a research which says that green tea speeds up the weight loss up to 77%.
  • It balances the blood sugar level which maintains the energy and keeps it stable and it improves the insulin level in the body which is important for a good health.
  • It also helpful in preventing the human being from lung cancer as it reduces the risk of this disease.
  • It halts colorectal cancer in many studies and researches it has been shown that green tea is very effect for this disease.
  • It prostate cancer cells to commit suicide which protects the person from the harmful effect of this disease and saves his life.
  • It protects the skin from the harmful effects of the radials which causes skin cancer and wrinkles.
  • It also contains anti aging substances which gives the longevity to the person to live their life to the fullest.
  • It is very taste also so if a person does not like it at the first time then they may try its different flavors and may choose the best out of it.
  • The blood sugar level increases in the body with the increasing age so green tea helps in controlling the sugar level and keeps it stable.
  • Flavonoids and polyphenols contain in green tea helps in the boost up of immune system and strengthen the body to fight against diseases.
  • It prevents the body from flu and cold as it contains Vitamin C which fights against both the diseases.
  • Theophyline relaxes the body muscles which is required in asthma so the person who is suffering from asthma must consume green tea.
  • Ear infection problems are also solved with green tea so blow the cotton ball into green tea then used it in the infected area.
  • Green tea herpes are useful for the treatment of tropical interferon so apply the green tea compress on the skin and let it dry.
  • Green tea also works like dentist as it destroys the bacteria of the mouth while consuming it and reduces the chances of dental problems.
  • Acid in green tea relaxes the person and reduces their anxiety which helps them in handling their stress level.
  • Drinking green tea regularly relives the person from any type of allergies.