6 Ways to style your casual shirts

Casual tees with classic fit pants are a great combination. Following are the tricks to make a simple shirt look stylish. Go experiment and style your casual shirts.

1. Pair your classic white shirt with an asymmetric crop top and jeans. This will definitely turn your boring look into a fun one and that too without your having to put in too much effort. This is just right for those lazy Monday mornings.

2. Crop your casual shirt by pairing it with a tube top or sando and simply tie it up at your naval.

3. Another classic yet stylish look is wearing a simple maxi dress with a loose shirt. This will give you the right chic look and also hid away any unsightly bulges.

4. Here is way to glam-up a little with some casual shirts. Pair your solid colored shirt with pleated, relaxed pants and tuck it in. Add unconventional accessories to look trendy.

5. Ever thought of wearing a casual shirt and skirt? Try this out. Wear a long shirt and wear a short skirt and let the shirt fall out. You can add a nude belt to it.

6. And this is for those who are having a really busy day at work, best way to go formals is to add suspenders to your shirt and pants. You could probably wear some sneakers or converse shoes.