Evaluating the Occasion

Every occasion gives a different dress code so with different dresses the handbags needs to be different and should perfectly match with the outfit. So it is very necessary to understand the dress code and the importance of handbag along with the dress which gives a complete look and appearance to the person carrying it. Some occasion has white dress code whereas other event has black or another color so the handbags that need to be carried with the dress should perfectly compliment with the dress otherwise some wearied combination will embrace you in front of several people. Before facing such an awkward situation it is important to understand the necessity of handbags with the occasion. These are the following occasions where different handbags compliment with the outfit perfectly as follows:-

  • Black Tie Events:- Formal weddings, award ceremonies and red carpet events are usually conform for a black tie dress and with these dress mostly the clutches compliment the best. The only thing that needs to be considered is the material and color of the clutch must compliment perfectly with the dress and other accessories.
  • Cocktail Parties:- Cocktail parties are semi-formal occasion and it gives variations to the handbags so in these parties’ baguettes and clutches goes well where as shoulder bags are also fine. But never carry messenger and hobo bags in these parties as it is a weird combination that never goes with semi-formal occasions.
  • Smart-Casual Dress:- The smart-casual style is best suited for engagement parties and outdoor weddings so in these occasions day bags are the best like satchels and shoulder bags with different colors or color of the matching dress. In fact designer hobo bags are also a good combination with these dresses.
  • Casual Occasion:- Casual events like shower parties or birthday parties are the events where there is freedom of carrying any type of handbags that goes perfectly with the outfit or accessories in fact leather bags are good for the casual and semi-casual occasions.

Selecting a Matching Handbag
Many people find it very difficult to choose a complimentary handbag that goes with the dress perfectly as the handbag must have one or two of these things color, style, embellishment and material. Than make a perfect combination of dress and handbags for example if the dress is very shiny then the handbag needs to be very simple or matching whereas if the dress is simple then the clutch or handbag needs to be the focal point of your over all personality. Handbags a style symbol and embrace the personality of the person carrying it and in the parties it becomes the focal point or center of attraction. That is why, it is said that the choice of the handbags needs to be smart enough that compliments your personality in an appropriate manner. Otherwise with wrong choice or imperfect combination puts wrong impression of the person and sometimes they are misinterpreted which is not good for them so the knowledge about the recent trends and fashion is important to have for impressing others.