Ripped jeans back in fashion? Make one at home!

We all love ripped jeans! There is no saying no to it. What attracts us to them? The ripped out part? The cool part? Whatever the part maybe but we all own at least one pair of ripped jeans. Oh, you don’t have one? It’s okay, you don’t have to go shopping for it. In fact you can make one right at home. Yes that’s right! All you need is your favorite pair of jeans that you wish to see it turn into ripped jeans. But it is advisable to take an old and faded one.

With the help of a pencil or chalk just mark the areas that you wish to see ripped. Then take a knife or blade for making the cuts. Start making the cuts smaller at first than the size you have marked. Do this, just to be safe of committing any errors. If you want that thready looking ripped jeans, then make two parallel cuts and use a tweezer to take the threads out. Then with the help of a sand paper, rub over the ripped part thoroughly. This will give your jeans a worn out effect. And to get the typical ripped and distressed look, throw it in washing machine for a spin.

Now you can add your own style to it. You could add some lace if you want inside the ripped jeans. This will add a feminine touch to the ripped jeans. If you do not like lace, then add colored patches of threaded clothes on the inside. And there you have the ripped jeans, exclusively made at home an d that too in just 15 minutes.