Ways to get out of old fashion groove

For all those who want to get out of their current fashion groove, firstly, you are badly going to need to shop new clothes. Yes, you will need money and time for it. So it is not going to be an easy task. Face the fact that you will be shedding your time and money. Then follow the following ways to get out of your old fashion groove.

Go through your wardrobe and separate your favorite dresses. Now, the favorite dresses should not be the ones that you end up wearing frequently. But they should be the ones that make you feel the best when you put them on. Then observe and make a list of what do these dresses have in common. Is it the color? The style?

Always imagine or rather believe that you have a limitless access to clothes and accessories. Then get into thinking as to how would you style these pieces so you could wear them every day. If you get confused then visit an E- commerce site. Even if you don’t like what they are doing, they might give you some ideas. Make a list of dream wardrobe pieces and get specific like the color, cut, fabric, detailing and then see where the overlaps are and make a shopping list for yourself with the most frequently listed item at the top, whether it’s a leather jacket, a statement necklace, over-the-knee boots, or whatever you find you are the most fixated on.

Always set a price filters to set a budget for yourself and see what you find. If you see something you love, don’t wait. Just buy it. If you’ve got money left over, move on to the next item on your list and so on. For every accessory or new piece of clothing you add to your wardrobe, take one similar item out of your wardrobe and donate it, a necklace for a necklace, a jacket for a jacket. Out with the old and in with the new.

Embrace oversized tops like chunky sweaters, boxy jackets, and cocoon coats and layer underneath until you are nice and cozy. To balance out all that volume on top with a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings layered over tights for extra warmth. You could emphasis to your legs with a pair of sleek, high-heeled boots in fact the slimmer and more fitted the boots, the better, so your legs look as long as possible and accessorize further with jewelry, bags, hats etc. like you normally would.