What is sexy? Flats or high heels?

Every question that hits a girl real hard in the morning is- heels or flats? This is the great debate of all time. There they sit in your closet, staring at you. Your mind races. “The heels will make me look taller,” you tell yourself, “but the flats will be forgiving on my poor tired feet.” You think in circles until your brain is fried. What if your heel gets caught in a subway grate and you fall through to the depths of the city’s underbelly for days? Would a flat betray you in such a manner? No. A flat would never do that to you. Trust the flat. Embrace the flat. Wear the flat. Want to cut to the chase on the flats or high heels debate?

Guys see girls wearing flats and believe that she is not high maintenance and cool. Many girls are now switching on to flats from high heels. It is believed that guys are less intimidated by girls who wear flats than girls who wear high heels. As sexy as high heels are, their real value lies in how they make you feel and how you project that feeling out into the world. If you feel cool, laid back, and confident, it doesn’t really matter how high your heels are. And although there are not nearly as many fabulous flats in the world as there are fabulous heels, there is usually an appropriate flat equivalent for any high heel.

Flat shoes are distinguished from heels by the absence of heels. This does not mean they are limited in their styles. Flats can have rounded or pointed toes, be open-toed or closed-toed, and feature any number of colors and designs. Flats are also ideal for everyday errands and casual wear. Running around town from place to place in heels can be a painful experience, and heels are simply impractical on casual outings, such as a trip to the movies with the kids. A good, comfortable pair of flats can be worn for hours without pain or blistering. One of the most obvious advantages when it comes to wearing flats is that they are much more comfortable than wearing heels. They do not put nearly as much strain on the legs and feet as their taller counterparts, and they can be worn in a wide variety of situations and environments. Flats are also easier to pack because they are not as bulky.

One of the most prominent advantages to wearing heels is how flattering they can be. Heels are known to elongate the legs, and this helps a woman look taller and flatters her figure overall. The problem with heels are, although they’re flattering and fabulous – they’re just not realistic for the working girl these days. What fashionable woman has the patience, time or stamina to wear high heels all day every day?