Bye bye big fat weddings, switch on to small weddings

Wedding is a very important day in a person’s life. And it becomes extremely difficult to draw a conclusion of whether to have a big fat wedding or one with just near and dear ones. Since its an important day, it is obviously that you may want to have a big event, but having a big wedding is not easy. You need to have that much money and plus you should be okay with enormous crowd. Many people are not comfortable with a big audience and hence prefer a small wedding. Here are few reasons to say bye bye to the typical big fat weddings and switching on to the tiny small weddings.

Weddings are supposed to bring two families together. Sometimes, due to some reasons one side of the family is not happy with the marriage. To avoid any drama from happening, it is okay to have a small wedding. Remember, the wedding is yours. So just because your parents dreamed of you having a big wedding doesn’t mean that you should have one. It is okay for them to participate and come up with certain ideas for the wedding, but see that they do not cross the line. If you do not like a certain idea, just say no to it.

It is okay of you do not like an audience. Many people are not public person’s. They don’t like a crowd. So it is okay for such people to have small weddings. Having a bog crowd could also tend to upset you so try having what you like. Weddings are supposed to be full of excitement and joyful moments. If you are nervous of a big crowd, simply don’t have one.

Just like some dream of a big wedding, others dream of small ones. There is nothing wrong in that! Have your Kodak moments with your near and dear ones and have the best day of your life. Even though it maybe a small one, but having the right guest and your better half will make it a magical event. Some have really a low budgets on the weddings. Just because one has a big fat wedding, doesn’t mean that he or she is rich and the other having a small wedding doesn’t mean that he or she is poor. Desires are unlimited, but in real life things do not come free. Many couples feel that instead of having a big fat wedding, they could invest that money in something good like buying a house, traveling around the world.

Lastly a big wedding needs too much of planing. You have to be well prepared in advance. If you are busy, then it is obvious that you cannot have a big wedding. So then have a small one. Always value quality and quantity!