Handy makeup tips for the bride

It is your day and you should look the best. There should be no less in having the perfect Kodak moments. If not a wholesome of makeup, but a minimal makeup is a must on the wedding day. Here are few makeup tips for your day.

Always start the makeup with a little foundation. You may not use it on every day basis but for the big day, its a must. Just like that a primer is also a must. The primer makes your makeup look fresh for a long time. It holds the makeup even when you are active, like dancing. Also, primer helps in making your skin look beautiful and free from any spots. Just as a primer is important choosing the right foundation is also that important. Try experimenting a day before the wedding. Use a foundation that you generally use. The reason is that you know it well and there is not enough time to experiment with the new ones. Just in case you do not know much about foundation, visit a parlor. Get all your doubts cleared. Foundation is very important as it hides all the skin flaws.

Many a times, certain parts of the face like the nose, forehead, etc. shine when it comes in contact with bright light. And if you are having a wedding, it is obvious that there will be bright video recording lights or the decoration lights. Apply some powder on such places. If you have some blotting papers in your bag it will be easier to keep the skin of your face matte. You can use them at every possible opportunity.

See that your brows are in shape. It is important to get the brows in shape for the big day. Remember you should do that a week before the wedding day. If you made a decision to buy an eyebrow pencil, don’t forget that it must not be dark. The best variant will be the same shade as your hair. For the beautiful face, go for long lasting eye shadows. Eyes and eye brows are very important in the facial appearance. The eye shadow should not be too loud or too dark. Do not go for purple or dark blue shades. These are out of fashion. Always go for the black or brown ones, at least on the wedding day. It will only give a sober and elegant look.

Lip stain is very important in girls’ world. It will provide your lips with long-lasting and fresh color for the whole night. You can eat and drink but your lips’ color will not fade. If a lip stain is matte but you prefer more shining then colorless gloss on top is a right choice.