Make your unwanted guest list well in advance

The moment the guy gets down on his knees for proposing, the girl starts her wedding plans. The first thing that hits her brain is the guest list. And making one is not easy. It is very time consuming. You start jotting down the names of all you near and dear ones. You cross check them so as to avoid them from ruining your day. But there would be some samples that could ruin the day. So think twice before inviting some people. Here is a way to make the unwanted guest list and have a perfect wedding.

Every wedding has a chic who expects that everyone should simply look at her only. She should be the talk of the evening and not the bride. This girl will end up in the most beautiful dress having the perfect hair and makeup. The moment she walks in, she will grab everyone’s attention with her high heels and super strong perfume. Sadly, you never know who this girl will be until on the wedding day. She could be your sister, your co worker, your cousin. But you need not worry. All you have to do is ignore her. In the end all that matter is that it’s your day and not hers.

You may be friends with your ex, but it is advisable that never call your ex at your wedding. Even though he may be good to you still do not call him for the wedding. You never know what he may talk when which could be unintentional also. If you do not call him, he will totally understand the reason. We all have a boozer friend. If you have such friend who gets too drunk at parties and ends up making a fool out of himself. Avoid calling such friends because in the end its all about drinking for them. Plus that person being your friend you wouldn’t want to see your friend making a full of himself. You could try telling that person to limit himself, thats all.

We all have a bunch of crazy relatives. Its time to get over the concept that if they are the relatives, they have to be invited for the wedding. If you find them crazy and think that they could possibly create some drama on your wedding day, then simply don’t call them. And just in case of they drop by without an invitation, avoid as much as possible contact with them.

Children! Many people find as a nuisance at weddings. They often get out of hand at such events. Its your day, so do not run after them instead make someone run after them. And even after not inviting some people, yet they show up, then all you can do is avoid them!