Unusual wedding gifts for the bride and groom

Unusual wedding gifts
It is your friend’s wedding. You are indeed happy for them but what is that one question that haunts you really bad? A wedding gift! Boy, you are in a pickle. You will end up brainstorming and just before an hour before the wedding you will end up buying something silly, boring and common. So avoid such moment and make your pick from the following wedding gifts.

Miniature gardens or terrariums could be a nice wedding gift. Yeah, they may seem a little usual and weird but unique and very popular. On a funnier note, this could be a nice Eco-friendly gift. They require very little maintenance and can be placed in corner of the house. These tiny gardens come in open glass holders. These glass holders c an be either placed on tables or could be hung by the window. This could add a little green to the house. Many people cannot afford to have big houses with front gardens, so people who love nature, this is the best gift for them. You could even add color full accessories to it. Also if you feel like, you can change the rope of terrariums. Customization is good, just be creative.

For a couple who loves animal, you could gift them a pet like a kitten or a pup. But make sure you do not carry this gift on the wedding day. If you do so, you would end up taking care of the pet while the wedding is on. So if you planning on gifting a pet, then gift a basket of pet accessories or pet care products like blanket, food, bowl, leash or collar and so on.

It is obvious that the married couple will sail for their honeymoon. So how about gifting them a nice set of luggage. All the newly weds travel to places. So this gift is a good option. Make sure that you gift them some nice and trendy bags or suitcase. This is one kind of a gift that will last for a long time. Go for some vintage or customized luggage. Also you can try embossing their names or initials on the luggage.

Morphed photographs of the bride and groom could be one of the wedding gifts. This is actually a time consuming and will need some efforts. But it will be a nice and a special gift. Just make sure that you choose a nice picture of the couple, then morph the couple face into the original and there you are done! It is any time better than a simple collage.

And if you just want to hurry on the whole wedding gifts process gift a cookbook and some kitchen accessories. This like the simplest gift ever! But make sure you do not buy some cheap cookbook as there are millions of cookbooks available in the market. If you have a slightest idea of what cuisine the couple likes, go for that particular cookbook. See to it that you do not gift only one cookbook but a couple. And then add some nice funky kitchen accessories to the book basket.